Retro Bungalow
Retro Bungalow

Your 70s Souvenir

Let’s welcome back into our homes the humble house plant. Caring for plants forces us to slow down and be more mindful. Nurturing and caring for a plant is incredibly rewarding and there is an immense sense of accomplishment when your plant flourishes. Having plants in our home helps purify the air, which is more than can be said for the plastic plug in air freshener that we feel obliged to buy and use because we haven’t got the time anymore to look after plants. Not only are we sold plastic plug in air fresheners, but they are usually accompanied by artificial plants and plastic flowers that now seem commonplace and accepted. We’re too busy working to pay for the environmentally unfriendly plastic plants that we buy instead of choosing the real thing.

In the 1970’s it was usual and accepted to have houseplants in most rooms in the home. Since this decade, the trend has gradually declined and now has become viewed upon as unnecessary, messy and basically something else that you have to look after or that you don’t have the time to look after!

These days our brains have become increasingly overwhelmed with all the technology that we’re wired up to, in our work, at home, when travelling, when on holiday and its necessity. This has sadly made us all less tolerant and more impatient when ‘anything’ is not done ASAP! Without realising it we have put ourselves under unnecessary pressure for instant gratification.

So, a 70’s souvenir of your visit is that before you leave, we’ll invite you into our greenhouse where you can choose a period house plant that’s been propagated and cared for by us, and that you can plant up and take home. It’ll give you lots of pleasure, be a talking point with your family and friends and a living reminder of your stay with us!