Retro Bungalow
Retro Bungalow


In 1936 Ricroft Nurseries was built on agricultural land that belonged to Wise Mary’s Farm. Nigel’s father purchased the nursery in 1965 (when Nigel was 2 years old) and in 1973 he built the bungalow.

Up to the 1990’s the nursery supplied wholesalers, florists and garden centres throughout Lancashire with flowers and food produce. Unfortunately with the onset of the large supermarket chains and DIY stores, the customer base rapidly went into decline, having a dramatic effect on sales circa late 1990’s. The nursery survived by diversifying into groundwork and landscaping, however the greenhouses laid dormant with continued consideration being given to their potential alternative usage.

Fast forward to September 2012, and after being granted planning permission, we started work on the site to open an Outdoor Education Centre where the greenhouses and adjoining areas offer the perfect environment for ‘learning outside the classroom’ activities for primary school children.

When Nigel’s parents built their bungalow in 1973, they used the best quality building materials and finishings and they were very frugal. They didn’t see the need for unnecessary modernisation and if something still functioned perfectly well, then there was no need to replace it!

The result of this was that in 2021, we acquired a somewhat timewarp family home, and because we have a similar ethos, we decided that instead of the usual rip out and refurbishment, we chose to repair, replace and restore! Far simpler, far more economical and far better for the planet. And a very 70’s ethos!

We opened to our first guests in March 2024.   For details of how you can book a stay, please see the bookings/contact page.