Retro Bungalow
Retro Bungalow

Are you looking for somewhere different to stay, something unique which offers much more than just a normal holiday let? Why not stay in our genuine 1970’s self-catering holiday bungalow and experience the simpler 1970’s lifestyle!

You might sometimes find yourself reminiscing about the 70’s with family and friends or smiling at social media pictures depicting a 70’s teenage childhood that you can relate to and which make you feel nostalgic or curious. It might leave you with the urge to want to dip in to that simpler life and experience those memories again as a grown-up. Or you might have a curiosity as to what your parent’s 70’s childhood was like, and what they got up to compared to you. You are not alone!

There are lots of us out there and we have felt exactly the same, so much so, that over the last 12 months we have been busy restoring the original features of a much loved family home that Nigel’s father built in 1973. Without giving too much away, when you enter our Retro Bungalow, you’ll be stepping right back into the 70’s, with genuine 70’s decor, original mid century teak furniture and funky period accessories. To help totally immerse yourselves in the experience there’s plenty of 70’s books, annuals, magazines, records and period classic TV comedies to indulge in. Somewhere very special to come and celebrate a milestone birthday maybe!

We’re located at Ricroft Nurseries in the village of Hoghton in Lancashire, where 10 years ago we opened our outdoor education centre ‘Bring Yer Wellies’. This is where we share our passion for nature, the countryside and the environment with visiting school children. However now, we can also offer ‘The Retro Bungalow’ a place for grown-ups to come and share our passion for the 70’s ethos. Compared to today’s throw-away society, instead of doing the usual ‘rip out and refurbishment’ of the somewhat dated bungalow, we chose to repair, replace and restore. Far simpler, far more economical and much better for the planet!

We’re in Hoghton, a small village situated between Preston and Blackburn, which is a perfect central location for exploring Lancashire and the surrounding counties. Not only are we within 10 minutes of the M6, M61 & M65, but in our rural location there’s lots of interesting country walks without needing a car, incorporating fields, bridle paths, canal paths, woodlands, viaduct, aquaduct, weirs, rivers, pubs and 2 stately homes!

So if you’re feeling curious about the 70’s lifestyle, you’ve now found us, so read on and come and stay!